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This interesting collection represents different specimens of road and railroad construction, from the most primitive form of early times to the highest perfection of the modern steel rail. The articles, most of which were real samples, and some of which were in part or wholly reproductions, were taken from the Museum of Permanent Way, which is one of the institutions of Osnabruck. This museum owes its foundation to the fact that the company named above has for many years been identified with the railroad interests of the world, and had the requisite enterprise and enlightenment to organize this most interesting collection. In point of time the earliest age of transit is represented by the plankroad Fig. This exhibit is an actual piece of a road laid about the fifth year of the Christian era, by Domitius. It is now covered with six feet of peat and moss. It was excavated in It is to some extent the predecessor of our modern plank roads. It will be noticed bow the planks are split out radially from the trunk. It is said that after exhumation it had to be dried in the dark to prevent it from falling to fragments.

55 types of hammers – the ultimate guide (updated for 2018)

This post is republished by request. Eliot, who took us on a tour of old artifacts around Southern Westchester, as you can see in the photos, writes: Scattered about Westchester and the Bronx are original, authentic pieces of a once glamorous and noteworthy railroad. Finding, studying and appreciating these artifacts are true exercises in suburban archaeology. I was first introduced to this railway in when my family moved from Mt.

Each railroad conducted its own experiments, so the nails used on one railroad will not be like those on other lines. For example, compare the Lehigh Valley with the New York Central: Lehigh Valley , and New York Central The LV 11 is the same style nail as the NYC square head & shank, indented numbers.

From the no-nonsense sledgehammer to the delicate mechanics hammer any balance between brute force and precision impact can be created. There is a basic formula for calculating impact force which relates to the weight of the hammerhead, length of the hammer handle, downward force and gravity. This post was originally published in October , and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

In its most basic form you can describe your hammer as a handheld tool which is simply used to strike another object. The first hammers date back to 2, , BC when stones were used as the hammerheads then we have the first real modern day hammer with stones attached to sticks via strips of leather and animal sinew dating back to 30, BC. However, it was only really in the Bronze Age that we saw the creation of the hammers styles which we see today and often take for granted.

In reality this was the first major breakthrough in the design of the modern day hammerhead allowing for much tougher materials to be used in construction. What we see today is very often taken for granted but we do know that the range of modern day hammers can be traced back thousands of years. Design of a hammer While there are many different variations on the traditional hammer they all have two main components which are the head and the handle.

The shape, size and material used for each of these elements will vary depending upon their use. Believe it or not the force created by a hammer blow is directly proportional to the weight of the hammerhead, the length of the hammer handle, the force with which it is driven down or up and good old-fashioned gravity. We take many things for granted in the modern world but the ability to balance good old-fashioned brute force together with accuracy is not easy.

San Diego man allegedly used railroad spikes and hammer in attack on five homeless men

Dubuque, Iowa Railway not inclined to be a target Even federal inspectors had to chuckle as they poked about the foot-long railway in search of security threats. November 06, Connie Stewart The Fenelon Place Elevator has been hauling folks up and down a steep grade… Loras College Center for… This quaint Mississippi River city divided by limestone bluffs seems quiet enough, with stately Victorian homes, ornate 19th century commercial buildings and a graceful Gothic Revival cathedral.

But even here, where Santa hitches a ride on what may be the steepest, shortest railway in the world, you can’t be too careful. That includes the Fenelon Place Elevator, an incline railway spanning just feet — 2 feet shorter than Angel’s Flight on L. Dating from , the Iowa funicular has been in the same family since But this year made history, manager Amy Schadle said, when the Transportation Security Administration came calling.

This Twisted Railroad Spike Knife by Szco Supplies is inches in Railroad Spike Coat Hook. by Rustic Hooks & More. $ $ 12 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 5 out of 5 stars 1. Product Description hook made from an authentic railroad spike and a pipe flange that are OLD .

Jon Guerrero, 39, was arrested in July after police officers heard his fifth victim screaming for help. He has been charged with murder, attempted murder and arson. Guerrero, who is from the city’s affluent Coronado district, allegedly began his spree on July 3, when he drove a railroad spike into a homeless man’s head and chest. Jon David Guerrero, 39, allegedly killed three homeless men and injured two others in San Diego.

Prosecutors said he used railroad spikes and a hammer in all five of his attacks Guerrero was arrested on July 15 less than two hours after he allegedly attacked his fifth and final victim, whose screams attacted police officers Angelo DeNardo, 53, was killed as he slept under a freeway bridge. Guerrero allegedly attacked Manuel Nunez Mason, 61, the next day. Railroad spikes were found near year-old Shawn Longley, also killed on Independence Day, and year-old Derek Vahidy, who died from injuries on July 6.

Vahidy died four days after he was attacked. A witness pulled away a burning cloth his attack placed on his body, setting him on fire, before fleeing the scene. One witness told the Daily Beast Longley’s eyes and face had been spiked with a sharp object and his skull crushed by a heavy rock. Guerrero allegedly attacked his fifth and final victim, year-old Michael Papadelis, on July Authorities discovered Papdelis with ‘significant trauma’ to his upper body and a railroad spike lying next to him as he called for help.

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The Tosohatchee Railway Believe it or not there was actually a railroad spur that came into Tosohatchee many years ago. I’m not sure how old it is, but I have seen the tracks on several aerial maps dating as far back as It was actually on some of Orange County General Highway maps during the s. Even today you can still find signs of the old railroad. All you have to do is walk down the white blazed trail along Fish Hole Road.

Feb 09,  · hi i recently had some one that i had made some railings for come by and drop off about rr spikes that his son picked up while doing some work for the railroad.

There are also some freight cars, a few passenger cars, and many locomotives, mainly steam. These prints are for sale to collectors, authors, modelers, and publishers, and may be published, with permission, free of charge except for a free copy of the publication the pictures appear in. Lists are available for class one railroads, most of which have operated in North America since Up to three of these lists may be had for a large self-addressed stamped envelope.

Lists for smaller railroads and various private companies will be sent on request. At present, they cannot be sent over the internet. It lists all prints available, including extra views. In addition, there are some specialized catalogs, which give additional details not found in the railroad lists or the general catalog. There are also some specialized lists: Dump cars, lists all dump cars by railroad; includes maker no charge. Troop Sleepers, lists all converted troop sleepers and kitchen cars by railroad no charge.

Do you have old black-and-white negatives that you would like printed? I cannot do color negatives. Also, no nudes or pornography, please.

1 Injured, Cars Damaged As Railroad Spikes & Rocks Are Thrown From Overpass

There’s more other RR steels if you’re interested. Elliott Olson RR spikes: HC RR spikes are 30 to 40 points of carbon. They make better letter openers than knives. Non-HC spikes were about 20 points of carbon.

Please thank dating old railroad nails: railroad nails. S. How to appear at the room but prior to your scheduled arrival biker date nail is a later date nail with the railroad tie spikes. Datenails were driven into railroad spike national historic site. Spike invite spike invite spike invite spike national historic site. Railroad spikes.

From the outside of the blinds to the outer edge of the cars there was a space about 24 inches wide. There was a ladder running up to the top of the car in this space and the bums would grap hold of the ladder and hold on to it. That was riding the blinds. Block A length of track between consecutive block signals or from a block signal to the end of block system limits, governed by block signals, cab signals or both.

Block Occupancy Indicator An indicator used to convey information regarding block occupancy. Block Signal A fixed signal at the entrance of a block to govern trains and engines entering and using that block. Block Track Track with equipment for repairing rail cars on the spot. Blue Flag A blue flag or signal that is placed on a car or locomotive when workers are around or under it. When a car or locomotive is blue-flagged, then it must not be coupled to or moved in any manner.

The only person allowed to remove a blue flag is the person who put it there in the first place. Derives from railway policeman of early railways. The policeman being ‘invented’ by Sir Robert Bobby Peel. Bogie Australian and European term for a truck.

Nails for Historical Archaeologists

The member page will display only your tools. View a sample member page. Old Tool Photos mission is to provide a place for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference. Searches on the Internet turned up nothing, even though this spokeshave was very common. I’ve found a number of good resources for antique tool information but none was complete so I’ve always been forced to used search engines to track down specific models of antique tools.

Nails for Historical Archaeologists Bibliographies | Reference Books | Companies Doing Historical Archaeology Aids to the Dating of Old Buildings The Fred B. Kniffen Cultural Resources Laboratory monograph series, Railroad Spikes: A Collector’s Guide Sutter House, Lititz, .

Deadman’s Island Shipwreck Remains of a naval railroad which served as part of ships’ cargo unloading area. There were three purposes for this project: The Deadman’s Island shipwreck served as University of Florida’s first field school in underwater archaeology. The waters around Gulf Breeze contain scores of shipwrecks from the earliest colonial days of the 17th century through World War I. The excavation of Deadman’s Shipwreck, an abandoned British sloop from the British period in Western Florida , provided valuable scientific information and served to bring the unique underwater resources into the mainstream of public attention.

In , the remains of three barrel wells on the present shore of Deadman’s Island appeared after the eroding effects of a storm. Originally the barrel wells were set some distance from the water, but the present-day shoreline is much closer inland due to erosion. UWF graduate students in the Historical Archaeology program and members of the Pensacola shipwreck survey excavated the barrel wells. Because the protruding well staves were at the water’s edge, artifact recovery was accomplished with an induction dredge.

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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular. Scroll down and see what treasures you can discover. Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Volta’s pile was at first a technical curiosity but this new electrochemical phenomenon very quickly opened the door to new branches of both physics and chemistry and a myriad of discoveries, inventions and applications.

Dec 04,  · The company I work for (GERDAU) is North Americas largest manufactor of railroad spikes. The rail products is a diffrent division than the one .

The development of railroads was one of the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution. With their formation, construction and operation, they brought profound social, economic and political change to a country only 50 years old. Over the next 50 years, America would come to see magnificent bridges and other structures on which trains would run, awesome depots, ruthless rail magnates and the majesty of rail locomotives crossing the country.

The railroad was first developed in Great Britain. A man named George Stephenson successfully applied the steam technology of the day and created the world’s first successful locomotive. Even rails were largely imported from England until the Civil War. This stereograph of the Central Pacific Railroad would have appeared three-dimensional when viewed through special glasses.

Baltimore, the third largest city in the nation in , had not invested in a canal. Yet, Baltimore was miles closer to the frontier than New York and soon recognized that the development of a railway could make the city more competitive with New York and the Erie Canal in transporting people and goods to the West. There were great parades on the day the construction started. On July 4, , the first spadeful of earth was turned over by the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, year-old Charles Carroll.

New railroads came swiftly. Although the first railroads were successful, attempts to finance new ones originally failed as opposition was mounted by turnpike operators, canal companies, stagecoach companies and those who drove wagons.

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