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Georg Schramm redet Klartext Vorbemerkung: Nils Minkmar — Stellt endlich die Systemfrage! Bis heute wurden die Verursacher der Krise weder rechtlich noch finanziell zur Verantwortung gezogen. Das ist der wichtigste Sieg der Finanzindustrie: Vielleicht, weil ihm die Kanzlerin und ihre Koalition beim Sparen noch nicht weit genug gehen. Eurokrise Lessons of the s — There could be trouble ahead In the world dodged a second Depression by avoiding the mistakes that led to the first. The View From Germany […] For the journalists I spoke to—from outlets across the political spectrum—inflation hawkishness and hostility to eurobonds centrally issued debt that Europe as a whole, including Germany and France, would have to pay back were as accepted as, say, kissing babies is in American politics. These feelings went far beyond the left-right divide—people who were otherwise progressive seemed totally opposed to the idea that German taxpayers might have to pay to cover Spanish or Italian or Portuguese deficits. But what was shocking to me was the total absence of any recognition that there might be an alternate view.

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A tricky subject that expats and Taiwanese can talk about endlessly. I have not yet found the time to really dig into it, but I stumbled upon two videos I highly recommend for anyone interested in the dynamics of Taiwanese-Foreigner relationships and their perception by Taiwanese society. Nationalism and girls who date foreigners Some Taiwanese refer to local girls dating Western i. My German blog entry about this subject: That is why this video is worth watching.

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ZDF Serie, Regie: Sascha Thiel, Kerstin Ahlrichs, Esther Wenger, Steffi Doehlemann, Jannis Ratteni u.a. Heart to Dance SAT1 Film, Regie: Thomas Nennstiel. Dating Daisy RTL-Serienpilot, Regie Florian Schwarz, ndF. Jurorin für die International Emmy Awards .

Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces ZDF General Constantino Chiwenga It is with humility and a heavy heart that we come before you to pronounce the indisputable reality that there is instability in Zanu-PF today and as a result anxiety in the country at large. Zanu-PF is the political Party that waged the Second Chimurenga for our independence; the struggle that caused the loss of over 50 lives of our people; the struggle in which many Zimbabweans, in one way or the other, sacrificed and contributed immensely for our liberation.

Many of these gallant fighters still live on with the spirited hope of seeing a prosperous Zimbabwe, but also the hope of leaving behind inheritance and legacy for posterity. It is pertinent to restate that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces remain the major stockholder in respect to the gains of the liberation struggle and when these are threatened we are obliged to take corrective measures. Clearly, Zanu-PF having mainly been the only Party that has ruled this country since Independence, it had become a household name to most Zimbabweans across the political divide.

Therefore, it is common cause that any instability within the Party naturally impacts on their social, political and economic lives, accordingly, there is distress, trepidation and despondence within the nation. WATCH VIDEO Our peace loving people who have stood by their Government and endured some of the most trying social and economic conditions ever experienced are extremely disturbed by what is happening within the ranks of the national revolutionary Party.

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Wir glauben an den neuen” “The old cinema is dead. We believe in the new cinema”. Despite the foundation of the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film Young German Film Committee in , set up under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to support new German films financially, the directors of this New German Cinema, who rejected co-operation with the existing film industry, were consequently often dependent on money from television.

However, the broadcasters sought TV premieres for the films which they had supported financially, with theatrical showings only occurring later.

is tracked by us since April, Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Kazakhstan, where it reached as high as 50 position.

The AppNexus Platform allows clients to collect and use Platform data The Platform ingests information provided by third-party sources to allow clients to use such data to target ads. To do this, clients and data providers may use ID synching to enable the use of this information through the Platform. AppNexus does not collect, use, or allow its clients to transfer to or use on the Platform, data that, by itself, directly identifies an individual, such as name, address, phone number, email address, or government identifier.

We also prohibit certain categories of sensitive data from being collected, used, or transferred on the Platform. The Platform may ingest Precise Location Information when, for example, an app makes such information available through the Platform. How Do We Collect Information? The Platform uses cookies, beacons, tags, mobile SDKs, and in some cases non-cookie technologies, to collect Platform Data associated with particular web browsers or devices.

AppNexus uses the information collected on the Platform to provide services to its clients, which primarily means we provide, operate, manage, maintain, and enhance the Platform. The Platform enables AppNexus’s clients to collect, buy, and sell data and to use Platform Data to buy and sell online advertising. Sometime AppNexus staff give “hands-on” help to clients using the Platform for these purposes, for example by configuring advertising campaigns for clients to best meet their objectives.

Particular advertising-related purposes for which AppNexus clients may use the Platform Data on the Platform include: Interest-based advertising To opt out of interest-based advertising on the Platform, go to the “What are your choices?

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Century when the Colours of a regiment were used as a rallying point in battle and were therefore trooped in front of the soldiers every day to make sure that every man could recognise those of his own regiment. In London, the Foot Guards used to do this from onwards as part of their daily Guard Mounting on Horse Guards and the ceremonial of the modern Trooping the Colour parade is along similar lines. In the parade was for the first time carried out to celebrate the Sovereign’s birthday.

This impressive display of pageantry is now held on the occasion of the Queen’s Official Birthday. Trooping the Colour takes place in June each year to celebrate the official Birthday of the Sovereign and is carried out by her personal troops, the Household Division, on Horse Guards Parade, with the Queen herself attending and taking the salute.

is tracked by us since April, Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Kazakhstan, where it reached as high as 50 position.

Tax reform beginning to deliver bigger paychecks to workers The contentious tax overhaul is beginning to deliver a change that many will welcome — bigger paychecks. Workers are starting to see more take-home pay as employers implement the new withholding guidelines from the IRS, which dictate how much employers withhold from pay for federal taxes. Those whose checks have remained the same shouldn’t fret — employers have until Feb. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has estimated that the new rules will mean more take-home pay for about 90 percent of American workers.

How much extra cash? It depends on several factors, such as workers’ income, how often they are paid and the number of withholdings allowances they claim on their IRS Form W-4 with their employer. Those whose employers were quick to make the change welcomed the extra money — anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. She didn’t think her pay would go up at all, let alone this soon. That increase won’t be perfectly reflected in their paycheck though. That’s because lower tax withholding on paychecks is just a piece of a complicated set of changes to tax law that the GOP pushed through in December.

And what your employer withholds is based on an estimate of your tax obligation that includes many complex factors, but it’s not a perfect measure.


Acht Frauen hat er bereits auf per fide Weise ermordet. Eine der neueren Folgen: Also ermordet er seinen Bruder dem die anderen 50 Prozent gehoeren. Den Verdacht lenkt er auf dessen Buchmacher und bringt auch den um.

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Introduction In July , the International Criminal Court ICC will celebrate 20 years since the Rome Statute was opened for signature on 17th July , thereby establishing a global criminal court whose idea had been mooted several decades back. This new Court is expected to try international crimes including those under the jurisdiction of ICC, thereby opening debate on the future of ICC in Africa.

In , Gustav Moynier — a Swiss jurist and one of the founding fathers of the International Committee of the Red Cross advocated for the establishment of a permanent court to respond to crimes committed in interstate conflicts. This idea did not gain traction largely because the impact of war at that time was not felt by many states in Europe. The effects of First and Second World Wars played a very significant role in the establishment of an international court responsible for prosecuting perpetrators of crimes against humanity, breach of peace and crimes of aggression.

The genesis of this deep seated desire has roots in the Versailles Treaty of between Germany and Victorious Allies that signalled the end of the First World War. However, it was not until that active steps were taken towards setting up a court to prosecute perpetrators of serious international crimes. It should be noted that the Nuremburg and Tokyo trials and their founding charters were limited in scope.

The main focus was on crimes committed in the Second World War and did not address future similar events — thereby leaving a lacuna in the international judicial system. The International Law Commission went ahead to produce the first draft in s but further progress on this process was affected by disagreements occasioned by Cold War politics. Work on the statute was rejuvenated in early s by two major factors namely conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Rwanda as well as the end of Cold War which made consensus building for the promoters of the ICC much easier than ever before.

The resulting Rome Statute created the first ever International Criminal Court ICC with a universal mandate to try perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and crimes of aggression. The creation of the ICC was touted by experts and leading politicians as a momentous step towards a world of accountability and peace.

Many thought … that the horrors of the Second World War — the camps, the cruelty, the exterminations, the Holocaust — could never happen again.

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Pro Sieben Home Entertainment ddp news agency Advertising slots for were added for Switzerland in and Austria in Together with RTL , ProSieben operated a combined slot in Switzerland, which was cancelled after seven months in the spring of On 7 July , ProSieben went public, the shares were oversubscribed fold. This way a nonvoting preference was used to divide up the shares. A year later, the company was added to MDAX. Kirch Media AG held

MIPTV is a major world class market enabling you to pre-sell, sell, pre-buy or buy TV and digital content of all genres, throughout the world, and at every step of its completion from programme in production to finished programmes.

Based on your individual surfing behavior plista provides you with personalized recommendations for editorial content and ads on thousands of websites across our partner network so-called interest-based advertising. This gives you access to high-quality services, exciting content and a wide range of applications and products. The plista recommendation technology analyzes this information and makes sure that users get the content recommendations and ads, which are particularly relevant for them or that correspond to their interests.

How does interest-based advertising with plista work? In order to provide users with relevant content recommendations and advertisements based on their interests, it is necessary to a distinguish between individual users and b store their interests. Interests are recorded in the form of clicks, i. This only happens on websites and mobile applications that belong to the plista partner network, i.

When a user visits a website on which plista products are used, for the first time, plista installs a targeting cookie in the browser of this user, which contains a randomly assigned identifier long number combination, so-called cookie ID. A cookie is passive and therefore, can neither contain viruses or Trojans nor cause damage to other programs on the computer. For mobile apps, we use the advertising ID of the device as identifier provided to us by the respective publisher. What user data does plista process?

The usage data collected by plista includes in particular information about the devices used as well as information about website visits and user clicks. In order to distinguish between different users, the usage data is combined with the cookie ID or advertising ID.

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