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Tabor volcanic butte was identified as a site for reservoirs in the s due to its ideal elevation for a water distribution system. The Mount Tabor reservoirs were built during the period of and , along with reservoirs in Washington Park. City fathers formed a water committee and created a municipal water system piping water some 25 miles from the Bull Run River watershed, separate and west of Mt. The Bull Run watershed was among the first federal lands to be set aside in the Forest Reserve Act of and enacted by president Benjamin Harrison. The reservoirs and their gatehouses are artistically constructed, incorporating extensive reinforced concrete, designed to look like stonework , by two early patented techniques by noted engineer Ernest L. Ransome [12] and wrought-iron fencing and lampposts designed by architect William M.

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Previous Next Portland Bucket List: The city has been voted one of the most popular in the U. S and as soon as you visit, it is easy to see why. The people are friendly; they are environmentally conscious most residents ride their bikes through the city as opposed to taking a cab , plus there are plenty of fun activities. And then there are your typical city attractions such as excellent dining, a great bar scene and thrilling historical monuments that will keep you busy throughout your stay.

Tucked away in a corner of the store is an interesting collection of ancient vacuum cleaners that will highlight the sharp contrast between modern day technology and that of yesteryears.

Brownstein is an actress known for her work on sketch series Portlandia and her recurring role as Syd in Amazon Prime’s Transparent. Dating rumours rose from what many saw as their chemistry.

They recorded their first self-titled album in early during a trip to Australia, where the couple were celebrating Tucker’s graduation from Evergreen [15] [16] Brownstein still had three years of college left. It was released the following spring. They recorded and toured with different drummers, until Janet Weiss joined the band in Following their eponymous debut, they released six more studio albums before going on indefinite hiatus in At the same time the announcement was made, they released the video for the first single from the album.

In summer , Brownstein and Weiss worked together on songs produced by Tucker Martine for the soundtrack of the documentary film! Chemistry cannot be manufactured or forced, so Wild Flag was not a sure thing, it was a ‘maybe, a ‘possibility. From dancing around to Michael Jackson and Madonna as a kid to having my mind blown by the first sounds of punk and indie rock , to getting to play my own songs and have people listen, music is what got me through.

Over the years, music put a weapon in my hand and words in my mouth it backed me up and shielded me, it shook me and scared me and showed me the way; music opened me up to living and being and feeling.

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American products, fashion, and movies are consumed all over the world, and our celebrities are beloved by many, with Hollywood movies grossing billions and American musicians selling out stadiums in distant cities. It should come as no surprise that many American cultural ideas have been copied around the world and adapted to fit the local market. Like gangster rap, cholo music has a strong criminal influence to it, often glorifying gangs and drug dealing. However, it also has very powerful nationalist undertones.

Jun 08,  · I went to bed feeling okay. Sure, Kevin Durant just buried “The Pull-up ” to put the Golden State Warriors within a game of their third NBA championship in four years.

Her professional acting debut came with film Dallas Doll in after which she first rose to prominence as a member of the cast of television series Echo Point. After a couple of years break from the film industry following her debut, Rose Byrne made her comeback during with film Two Hands and since then, has continued to work as an actress regularly. Attack of the Clones was released in after which she has appeared in a number of critically and commercially successful movies till now some of which are Troy, X-Men: First Class, Bridesmaids, Insidious and Spy.

Along with this, the actress has also continued to work on the small screen and has made appearances in TV shows such as Heartbreak High, Damages and Portlandia. While when it comes to the personal life of Rose Byrne, the actress remained in a relationship with Brendan Cowell for more than six years but after their breakup in , Rose has been dating actor Bobby Cannavale since


When Heather Graham joined in a journal session in Season 1, Toni Brownstein took a liking to her that hinted at her not-so-straight sexuality. But in Season 3, which has its finale tonight on IFC, there have been a few different sketches that are queer without the queerness being the point of it all. Which is to say, very Portland. They both enjoy her whimsical, fun nature.

This makes things awkward, and Carrie decides to move out. Before she leaves, Fred says he thinks Carrie should really hear from his girlfriend, who can help her work through her breakup.

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The reconstructed ice limits are based on satellite data and aerial photographs combined with geological field investigations in Russia and Siberia, and with marine seismic- and sediment core data. The Barents-Kara Ice Sheet got progressively smaller during each glaciation, whereas the dimensions of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet increased. During the last Ice Age the Barents-Kara Ice Sheet attained its maximum size as early as 90—80, years ago when the ice front reached far onto the continent.

A regrowth of the ice sheets occurred during the early Middle Weichselian, culminating about 60—50, years ago. A numerical ice-sheet model, forced by global sea level and solar changes, was run through the full Weichselian glacial cycle. The modeling results are roughly compatible with the geological record of ice growth, but the model underpredicts the glaciations in the Eurasian Arctic during the Early and Middle Weichselian. One reason for this is that the climate in the Eurasian Arctic was not as dry then as during the Late Weichselian glacial maximum.

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Analysis of modern and14C-dated Holocene tide-flat mud demonstrates that the bulk of sediment in this environment is reset by solar radiation, thereby lending confidence to ages obtained from similar Pleistocene deposits by luminescence techniques. The ages of tide-flat mud of the Nushagak Formation, derived from the Ahklun Mountains to the northwest of Bristol Bay, and of Halfmoon Bay drift, derived from the Alaska Peninsula to the southeast, suggest contemporaneous glacial-estuarine deposition related to independent glacial source areas about 75, —80, yr ago.

As laboratory heating experiments show that the two genera epimerize at similar rates, these data imply correlation of the marine lag at South Naknek beach with Pelukian deposits. Hence, glaciers on the Alaska Peninsula experienced major pre-late-Wisconsin advances both before and after the last interglaciation. The amino acid and luminescence data converge on an age between about 75, , and 90, yr, late during oxygen-isotope stage 5, for a major ice advance far beyond late-Wisconsin limits.

May 02,  · Everyone knows that the United States’ greatest export is its culture. American products, fashion, and movies are consumed all over the world, and our celebrities are beloved by many, with Hollywood movies grossing billions and American musicians selling out stadiums in distant cities.

Today we strip down Carrie Brownstein. Where femme style meets butch style and the two decide neither has enough energy to go all the way and they leave the room to smoke a cigarette. She has basically two looks: How nice is that? She is perhaps best known for rocking shorts with tights far before it became a thing. I suggest a non-pleated pair that cover the top third of your thighs.

I know that many parts of the world are in the dead of winter um, roughly half the world. COM If shorts with tights sounds out of your zone, you can also go with classic straight leg jeans. Her jeans are snug and low slung, but scream more rockstar than runway. COM On top, Carrie is usually seen wearing either a button-up or femme blouse. She openly embraces both the stiff no-nonsense attitude of a button-up and the flowy free-spirit of a loose ruffled blouse.

For button-ups, she generally picks a plaid or a striped oxford with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Alternatively, she picks short sleeved femme blouses that, while high collared, are just sheer enough to see a dark bra peeking through. Blues, blacks, grays and reds.

Sip your way through the teahouses of Portland, Ore.

Kroll , a businessman who founded Kroll Inc. Kroll’s live work is a mix of standup, sketch and characters. He is well known as a performer for his characters: His character work features prominently in Kroll Show. Live performances[ edit ] Kroll tours the United States performing stand-up and makes frequent appearances on comedy podcasts and radio programs. Kroll created a stand-up character, “Bobby Bottleservice.

Jan 09,  · Eddie Vedder – Season 2, Episode 2. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder appeared both in person and in ink for a Season 2 episode of Portlandia.A burgeoning romance is thrown off the rails when Carrie discovers her new boyfriend’s terrible Eddie tattoo (“It’s playing a tambourine”), which leads to her breaking it off with the guy to test the waters dating the real Eddie Vedder.

But yeah, I have a huge family and tons of cousins in Puerto Rico. Since then she has fully recovered. She also performed stand-up and has appeared at the Laugh Factory and The Improv. She appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. She played April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation from to For her performance as the deadpan employee, she received universal praise throughout the entire show, being referred to as one of the show’s breakout characters.

In she appeared on Portlandia. She also had a recurring role as “the Princess” in the comedic sci-fi web series Troopers on CollegeHumor. Plaza played Darius, a jaded intern who answers a curious want ad “seeking a companion for a time traveling adventure”. Her performance in the film was critically acclaimed, and Gary Thompson of The Philadelphia Inquirer questioned whether this role was out of her usual “pretty slacker” range but found her performance “compelling”.

The film was released on July 8, Her role as the rebellious Tatiana earned her critical praise. She was a guest star on HarmonQuest in , as a gnome named “Hawaiian Coffee”. She returned to the role in Season

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Jun 08,  · I went to bed feeling okay. Sure, Kevin Durant just buried “The Pull-up ” to put the Golden State Warriors within a game of their third NBA championship in four years.

It was the two of them, a cameraman and no particular expectations. The result is “Portlandia,” the IFC series that’s in its second season 10 p. It’s a collection of sketches set in a partly real, partly mythic version of Portland that stands in for a certain mindset and community. Think of “a cool, weird book store” and a record shop, a restaurant with “really, really good seafood” and a movie theater dedicated to indie films, suggests Armisen. With that backdrop, and with its stars taking on a variety of roles and sometimes wigs , “Portlandia” sends up city life, pop culture, success-oriented parenting and slivers of obsessive behavior that veer from charming to unnerving — such as the smiling couple who decorate every available surface with bird designs.

In Friday’s episode, “Cool Wedding,” militant bike messenger Spyke and his fiancee seek a unique ceremony, and a grocery store shopper guest star Jack McBrayer of “30 Rock” is scorned when he forgets his reusable bag. A must-see repeat 9: The series has quickly developed a small but avid following, with two important fans at the front of the pack: The channel had been expanding its original programming and “an alternative comedy was something we were honing in on, something that our audience wanted from us,” she said.

Co-created by Jonathan Krisel, the show and its stars “felt very right for us and different from any sketch show we’ve seen before,” Caserta said. It’s a match for IFC’s programming that is “irresistibly on the fringes of what of what you would normally find elsewhere. No other audience need apply,” he said, laughing.

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Sketch comedy can be very hit or miss. In the second sketch, Carrie and Fred attend a dinner party where a couple tells a story about meeting Tom Hanks in Barcelona. After hearing this, Carrie and Fred become self-conscious about their own storytelling abilities. This plotline is strung throughout the episode. In later scenes, the duo takes storytelling lessons with a former identity thief.

The Handmaid’s Tale, GLOW and Game of Thrones land WGA TV Awards nominations. It’s a good time to be a Netflix show too.

Mail icon How to react to a TV show that mocks you, and yet – by its status as a buzzed-and-blogged-about cult hit – reaffirms you at the same time? The show, which airs at 10 p. And its principal intention is to satirize the preciousness of the hipster lifestyle that has reached its drizzly apotheosis in Portland, the mad-about-coffee, indie-rock and cycling and recycling second city of the Pacific Northwest. Portlandia skewers a locavore culture where sensitive patrons feel compelled, before devouring a free-range chicken, to visit the farm where it was raised Brownstein and Armisen’s characters did that in an amusing first-season skit.

And it captures the horror of living in a city filled with would-be tastemakers where everyone, including your mother, has his or her own DJ night. Brownstein and Armisen – who were depicted recently in the New Yorker as having such an intensely platonic relationship that they text each other before going to bed every night – began their comic collaboration with a series of Internet-released videos. Both Armisen and Brownstein have musical connections.

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